Are you thinking of using pavers for your driveway? Then you certainly have an eye for good things. Pavers are significantly stronger and add a unique oomph to your curb appeal. However, to fully enjoy the benefits of choosing pavers for your driveway, you must go with the best people for the job. Installing a new driveway in Smithtown, St. James, Nesconset, Stony Brook or anywhere else in Long Island can enhance your curb appeal!

Why Choose Pavers for your Driveway?

The primary benefits of choosing pavers for your driveway include the following:

  • Durability

Generally, concrete pavers are reinforced with steel molds and concrete mix to increase their dimensional tolerance, thus making them considerably stronger than most materials, including concrete. The steel also leaves room for expansion and contraction, thus protecting your surfaces from cracks for a very long time.

Additionally, pavers have impeccable weather resistance; thus, their durability stands in any climate. Their lifespan is set at an impressive 50 to 100 years.

  • Cost-effectiveness

The upfront cost of pavers is relatively higher than concrete, but they certainly offer greater value. Pavers are naturally low maintenance as all you need is to keep them clean and add some sealant every once in a while- between every three to five years.

  • Versatility

Pavers are available in different shapes, colours and designs. That opens up a wide pool of design possibilities to explore and a lot of character to add to your driveway. It would help to have a talented partner and a good eye for creating intricate designs that speak to the character of your home. No one does it better than Designs by Longo.

  • Easy Installation

Pavers come in uniform shapes and thicknesses, making them easier to install. That makes them great contenders for do-it-yourself projects and even better for professionals. Also, they require very few easily accessible equipment, and the process is very quick.

Best Paver Installation and Designs for Driveways

Designs by Longo has been in the masonry and construction business for years, over which they have created lasting relationships with the best partners in town. This way, our clients can trust us to deliver exceptional services. So, when searching for a Driveway company in Smithtown, St. James, Nesconset or anywhere else in Suffolk County, we hope you choose Designs by Longo!

Contact Designs by Longo to find out more about us or to book a consultation for your next project.

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